Get me up to Speed

Hey, can anyone get me up to speed on the state of the GServer2 development as well as the important changes from GServer1?

I expect it to be a short wall of text, so feel free to point me to documentation or changelogs instead.

I’m just curious since I have not played Graal since it went P2P well over a decade ago, so I don’t know what the system is capable of now.

I didn’t even know anyone was working on it to begin with.

Last time I was around I got the impression we had people working on GServer2 and the NPCserver.

I never paid attention to that stuff. I know that Marlon was doing stuff on Zolderon with an NPC-Server, but I got mad at him for using my server as a testing ground and canned it.

Fair enough. Well if no one is working towards anything, that makes things easier for me in the long run.

“We” are working on a replacement for Graal. tricxta has attemptX, codr and rou both have a project too.

I remember seeing someone mentioning we could use the latest Graal versions now but I doubt it… NPC server works but it’s incomplete and no one uses it.


ive never been able to get the npc server to do anything