Get rid of the spambots

I don’t know how they’re making it through registration but there has to be a way to remedy this sudden influx of cuntbots.

oh well forums have finally died I think I’m gonna go take a nap

We could give some mod rights to a few more people who browse at different times of the day I suppose.

Or get better spambot defenses?

It can’t be that hard, these things are not sentient in any way.

Also, I’d be quite amused if a bot posted on this thread.

That’s one viable option.

Exactly, I don’t see how they’re making it through the captcha or email confirmation when registering. I haven’t been on the registration page in years, though, so I have no idea if they’re even required.

It might be from when we upgraded:

Could be that whoever can put in the proper protection just hasn’t, yet.

Im having fun deleting posts.

that must be it. just gotta wait for joey to come back i guess

Just keep banning IP ranges until they stop coming back. There would be very few “if any” innocent people affected by doing that especially if you go by class B or C ranges. I doubt anyone legitimately visits these forums from Sierra Leone, Chad, Columbia, Nigeria or China for example…

I don’t think there are more registering, we just didn’t ban them all.

Just came back from vacation. I’ll check tomorrow if we have more spam bots registering and see what we can do to change the registration process.

How about just asking “are you human” with upside down text?

I don’t think spambots can read upside down text yet.

I think an actual human is doing the verification.

We should go back to someone manually accepting accounts, if anything, at least it’d slow them down.

I’m about to close registration

What about something only people interested to register would know? like something requiring a quick search through the forum.

Or a nonsensical question to which the answer would be included in the version of graal hosted here.

Installed this plugin, let’s see how it goes for the next 24 hours.

spam hammer time

edit: its like the spam apocalypse in here

Only seen one spam message today since last night and the account was registered two days ago so it seems good so far but its only been maybe 12 hours. Yesterday was a shit ton of spam though so it’s improvement

I think I’m going to thank everything Joey says from now on because no spam.