Get Well Soon Tricxta

Tricxta recently got into an accident. He’s going to be alright, however he’s quite injured. He can barely type. We hope he gets better soon. <3 From Graal Reborn

Get well soon, tricxta. :slight_smile:

If this is legit, I hope he gets well soon. I consider him a great friend and I’m sad to hear about this. All my best hopes and wishes go his way.

And I was going to make a joke about tric in this thread.
Get better soon.

how the hell does Dylan know, anyway…?

Gee. I, too, am really upset to hear this.

I’m wishing for extraordinary healing your way, Tric.

Don’t put words in my mouth, Dylan.

this is what happens to all bmx people sooner or later.

get well soon tricxta

I wish you a full and speedy recovery, Tricxta!

Get well soon <3

Um, okay. I just talked to Tric.

I’m not sure why Dylan started this, but it isn’t true.

(sorry, my advanced settings aren’t working so there isn’t a way to make this nice looking)

From AIM

Tricxta ([email protected]) is available 12:06 am
The Mollusk 12:27 am

Tricxta 12:27 am

The Mollusk 12:27 am
Notta. Are you hurt!?!?

Tricxta 12:28 am
dunno what seeker was on about o_0

The Mollusk 12:28 am
Are you serious!?

Tricxta 12:28 am
yer x_x

The Mollusk 12:28 am
I was seriously worried!

Tricxta 12:28 am

The Mollusk 12:29 am
Why didn’t you post anything!?

Tricxta 12:30 am

The Mollusk 12:30 am

Tricxta 12:30 am

The Mollusk 12:31 am
of what?

Tricxta 12:31 am
people thinking it was my fault this bullshit happened

The Mollusk 12:31 am
It’s just Graal o_O

I’m sorta of mad, but more just happy Tric is okay. Why on Earth was this thread ever created???