Get your own "kewl sig" for forums

You can get your own “Kewl Sig” by going over to:
And entering in your account name. if you want to customize the background and stuff register an account.

Sooner or later ill make it so you can edit font stuff. I’m always lazy for a few months after I make something.

Good job.

Thought I might share this with everyone but if your having trouble uploading your graal sig using internet explorer, switch to safari. It worked for me :smiley:

someone name thier server ‘drugs’ so it says ‘tricxta is on drugs’

lol, its not me. Its my computer, its the one doing crack! Not me

EDIT:Also hosler, get onto that font editing stuff plz, It would be nice :slight_smile:


But I need white font so you actually see what I’m doing, I was retarded when I chose a background color.