Getting back into Level Making

So Here is a new level I made trying to get
my imagination sparked back up again after
being away for soooo long. FREE DOWNLOAD
I’m even hosting the file on my tiny webpage.

Glad to have you back.

Otherwise, this level isn’t very good. There are a few charming things about it, but I guess I don’t really get whats going on with the grid tiling in the four corners; it looks messy and busy.

Anyway, if you want to improve your leveling try entering in to our contest:
This challenge is pretty old, but it’s still active. See what other people have done and try your hand.

I like it

oh god the clutter

Ok Ok so Mr. Spoooners above me said it best

so here is my Revamped Edition and
LEVEL download has been updated as well

Nice improvements!

It’s nicer, those hedge flowers are getting on me though, they just feel wrong. + points for creativity though

yeah those flowers would have been red but I can’t find the red flower
with green backing all I can find is the red Flower with black backing from the volcano

I think the red flowers are only in the Classic tileset.


I remember there being animated blue butterflys on some servers
but I don’t have those gifs anymore :frowning:

Ok Ok so Listening to Spoons constructive critic-ing
worked out for the better for this sample level.

In the spirit of Un-Partiality I went ahead
and took Tricxta’s input into account and
took away the yellow flowers,

I do like the cleaner look of the level hopefully
there isn’t something too off on this level now :slight_smile:

Download Link

I hate symmetrical levels.

I must say I liked it better with the flowers, what kills the hedges is on the lower half of the screen. If the vertical hedges overlapped the horizontal ones in the corners I think it would look much nicer. Hope you know what I mean by that.

Other than that, very nice! I really like how you used tiles to create a shadow effect under the doorways in the water. I’m not sure what to call what you did around the border of the level with the wall, but it accents everything very nicely.

Must agree with Mollusk, get to work on an OSL, lol. I’m going to have to have a go at it too, I know my skills need improvement. I just don’t have the time until probably Saturday or Sunday.

v2 was definitely the best. Still, I think the walls still have too much going on so to speak. 7/10, would use.

I like v2 best aswell. :slight_smile:

Grass needs variety. The water does too. You have chairs in what I believe are areas players won’t be able to enter. I don’t like the tiles between the grass and hedges. I don’t really like the overlapping hedges, either. Use the tiles in the attachments.

I still think it’s great


Ok so I took every ones comments and went with them

(Spoon thanks for the image files I always thought
those Round frog eyes were just realy ugly things in
the game who knew they were hedge textures XD)

now there is no overlap of the hedges yet they weren’t
shortened, also when making all these changes I felt
like I was beating my level unconscious. and here are
the end results.

Download Link

Well, it’s significantly better from when you first started. Good job!

That’s some awesome level making skills.