GMap Bug List

1. toweapons doesn’t seem to work on a GMap. <-- Doesn’t work because the client goes into serverside mode on gmaps. (Nalin)
2. gr.addweapon doesn’t work. (Works on A1 level, though) <-- Happens because the gserver doesn’t translate the coordinates properly.
3. When you “update level”, NPCs duplicate themselves. <-- Happened on official aswell with the older clients.
4. NPCs will pop up in other levels where they shouldn’t be. <-- Might be related to my description below. (Cadavre)
5. -gr_movement causes players to flash as they move on a gmap, unless they’re on the A1 level. <-- This is because the gmap uses other coordinates. The client sees the gmap as one level so it extends further than 64x64, so the player probably shows up in level A1 when it flickers. (Cadavre)

Feel free to add more :]

Thanks, Nalin.

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