Go back to the old theme

This new one is convoluted as fuck.


What? We’ve used this theme since we upgraded to vB 4. We can’t use the vB 3 theme. Sorry guys. And if you refer to the order of the forums, that’s not about the theme.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]P.s. We won’t change it back. If we’re going to change something, it would be in a new and better way. The old way was also very confusing for newcomers.

Agreed. I’d venture to say this one is certainly less convoluted than the last setup.

I miss the sub-tabs under the Development (levels,NPCs, etc), but I can get over it.

There are two “Downloads” sections. One under “Graal Reborn,” the other under “Open Graal”. Are those two distinctions necessary?

OpenGraal is about the software itself. Graal Reborn is the community about graal and what you do with that stuff. I will move the GServer downloads from the graal reborn site to the opengraal site eventually so that newcomers that is just here to play don’t get too confused.

I will find out a way to make signing up easier aswell. Like when you register on the forums, you register your graal-account at the same time.

The purpose for separating the passwords is mainly benefited by the admins, in the way that people can’t sniff your password by setting up a gserver that displays the password in plain text in the console. A regular user don’t have to worry very much about that.

So the initial password could be the same as the forum-password, or you get a mail with a pre-generated password for graal, which you can then change in the UserCP if you want.