Goals and Adding Content for the Wrong Reasons

What are your goals on the servers you guys are making and for what reasons do you focus certain content?

I’d like to hear your answers so I can tell you why you’re wrong.

They probably do it because they feel like it

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the plate this morning.

haha xD



Our goals are set mostly to appease you, Spooon.

Then add stuff that will make me want to leave my spot on the mountain.

I try to keep player enjoyment in mind, but you guys are always ungrateful or too stupid to figure out quests so I just make stuff for other games now.

Lol, we have the same problem on Phoenix. It’s ridiculous how easy a puzzle can be yet people still rage quit after finding it too hard. It’s part of the reason why not many people actually have the boomerang although admittedly, quests should always be progressive in difficulty which Phoenix somewhat ignores.

I did all the quests. No reason to go get money. The pay out on the jobs isn’t worth the effort. Nobody ever wants to play Antagonism, and it’s kind of boring anyways.

My goal is to add more wemin so that Urza will have a larger harem. He appreciates all of them muchly, so it’s okay, not slavery at all, they aren’t running away, they just got lost or something, so stop judging. Nobody’s forcing anything, it just happened this way.

-Riley Fiery, logged in as VariousWeapon

I do not have the boomerang for lack of bow to shoot my arrows which I believe I need to progress into said boomerang laden cave, unless I can shoot something else.

True about the money. But that’s just a consequence of the game being incomplete. When we first started we were going to try to release the game all at once (fool’s errand), but now since we are just releasing as we go some aspects of the game will feel greatly diminished until we get around to them!

Nope. Boomerang can be gotten without any other item.

Am I thinking of the right cave at least? It’s the only cave in the vicinity of the Cyclops lair.

The boomerang is not located in the cave that you need arrows to enter, no. There is a cave, though, that you need to find very near the Cyclops lair–no items required to get inside.

Yeah I’m a basic bitch. I found it lol

Found the treasurey boomerang and pwned the Clops

Generally I’d make things look pretty while providing a clear path as to where you should travel (in most places) while rewarding exploration with shortcuts and chests. While my map was fairly small, I felt like I achieved both of those goals in terms of level design.

For weapons / tools, I generally wanted to make everything unique but still have a clearly defined purpose. In terms of tools, I wanted to add in the standard tradeskill stuff - mining, fishing, etc. Something I never fully got around to. I even felt the mining script was only half-finished and the process should have involved more steps such as processing ore, prospecting, etc.

I chose to stick with the classic formula of dungeons focusing on puzzles and combat resulting in a unique boss fight. I had loads of fun designing the boss fights, even if some of them ended up being badly balanced or occasionally broken.

The almost non-existent plot is something I was hugely unhappy with in Dreamscape. If you could see my notes, there were massive plot holes all over the place. The player never got to really understand or experience a lot of it in any meaningful way. A few books in the library were really the only concrete information on the world.

Ultimately, I feel like I did an okay job and I’m glad during the glory days people enjoyed playing my creation. But there are definitely points that need massive improvement if I return to it in future. It’s definitely something I want to return to in the future, whether that would be in the current incarnation of GR, whatever we evolve into or an engine of my choosing I can only guess at this point.

EDIT: Another disappointment in my world was the economy. Far too easy to get cash. It needed a huge rebalance really.

Dreamscape is still my favorite server that’s been on GR.

Thanks, I appreciate that Spooon. The enjoyment of others is one of the major reasons I got as far as I did with Dreamscape.