Good apps/games?

I’m running on OS 3.1.3 so please don’t add any apps below that are for higher devices DX so any good games or apps recommended? I got a few good games
Assassins Creed Altair Chronicles
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Seasons
Plants vs Zombies
Cartoon Wars
Yslandia MMORPG
Got any good non text mmorpgs to play? (other than igraal I got no life on that)

GraalOnline Era+

Got it already I’m waiting for Kingdoms iPhone :3

It was supposed to be a joke as in iGraal sucks hairy nut sack. God, what is your problem!!! (MORE ROID RAGE!!!)

get NFS Hot Pursuit. Very nice graphics and I ran it smooth on a 2g ipod touch :0

I play any graal ok?

eclipse SDK

[although it’s not an app/game]

External Keyboards! They make typing easier. (・u・)

i know a fun game

only someone like bill gates or an equivalent would be geeky enough to get that piece of shit for there iDevice

Ok, i gotta ask…

hopes it’s not too bad

aw you replied

now i have to think of something witty :[

uh the touching yourself game is pretty fun though???

___Merged doublepost__________________

bill gates isn’t a geek he’s a businessman like all of them

also I would buy one as dorky as it is except I’d buy a bluetooth one first because I’m not a dummy, also compact with a built in touchpad but if that weren’t available I’d get that one


cuz sure I can ssh into my iPod but launching my terminal and using a full keyboard would be fun in a situation where I need to fix what I fucked up

and fun

i like keyboards

lol mmmk :munch:

I use my android as a keyboard for my computer xp

wut about keyboard in a fpga. thats what im doing now, haha

how ironic

I dont get it o.0

He’s pointing out that Kondie plays iGraal despite his jokes about it… i guess it’s an attempted troll… but Kondie is smart enough not to respond


What’s trolling? Plus this is the truth I’m fighting back for what he’s doing to me