Good morning

Hey! I received some kind of e-mail today saying I should come back on the forums to say hello.

Well, here I am.

I’ve been a (FAQ) on Graal The Adventure for a little less than 1 year before the game became P2P. My name was ]Seifer[ . Not sure if there is any old players who remember me. (I don’t remember anyone T_T … other than Tyhm the LAT) As a player I was part of the guild (Club Francophone) by SpyFlo. (I still talk to her 10 years after…)

So I’m really a fan of that game and would like to see it come back alive.

Some times I still play the iPhone version. It brings me back some good memories, but it’s quite sad at the same time. This server is so boring, nothing to do!

Some time ago I found . I think it is really a nice project but sadly it lacks some players. I believe there is also too many servers for almost no players.

Fun fact : I met a girl online on Graal on Doomsday. At this time I think her nickname was Maeve or Ryuka or Kotori… I think she changed quite often. Well, 8 years later she is still my girlfriend and we’re gonna have our first baby soon =)

Anyway, I really wish will become bigger. I do connect from time to time but the servers are always empty =( If I can help with something (I work for as a programmer), I can give maybe 2 or 3 hours per week.

8 Years and you still haven’t made her your wife? Daaamn. She’s patient.

Anywho, good… wait a second, it’s not morning, it’s the middle of the night. :open_mouth:

8 years after meeting her on Doomsday still together, not to bad… One of my favorite servers you know… Haha…

i’m here to say hello too! :smiley: unfortunately all the spare time i have nowadays between work and sleep is dedicated to minecraft :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

wait, seifer? That sounds familiar. Did you used to haunt shaded legend? I pretty much didn’t play anywhere else. I went (and still go) by Traddles. The only other guys I remember from ye’ olden days were a guy named TTTackler and a real a-hole (but smart) guy who went by Hrr4.

Seifer was the name of one of the Antagonists in FF8, if that helps refresh your mind too…

I met my first love on iclassic. She hates my guts

you must have played Shaded Legend. i wrote graal load so hrr4 could morph into bomber man.

yo seifer, does the name Shadrak ring a bell? just wondering because so far i havent met anyone i remember nor the other way around.

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Nope, never played on servers other than Doomsday and Classic/The Adventure.

And yes, Seifer was from FF8, so it could be another guy.

And no, my girlfriend is still not my wife =p Actually there are less people who get maried where I live nowadays.

I didn’t meet my wife on Graal but it turned out that she did play it. :stuck_out_tongue:

All of our source code is online:

If, for some reason, you decide to add a feature or fix a bug, just post a patch and it can be merged into the codebase.

Graal Load… I remember that… You could chat a series of phrases defined by text file, no? Wow. Brought back some memories of Shaded Legend.

I remember I E-Mailed you a few years later when I downloaded the same all again and only to find it didn’t work on V4 or something. Ah, you were polite in your response.

Good man, Hosler.

You are a Faggot for that.

well it works with GR. yay

memories , hrr4 was running around here once some months back but he didn’t stick around . he was looking for a new game engine , tackler is still idling on aim a lot but hardly ever at his keyboard . now you guys got me thinking about working on it some more .

Holy fucking shit it’s Seifer. I’m UrbanLegend, pm me

Welcome back-sorta.

I remember remaking it in GS1 and submitting it to Shaded Legend, but they didn’t accept it :frowning:

found your love over a game. :smiley:

because i was running around using it like a retard. i dunno why, but that program pissed people off on that server. thought i was a haxor because of it or something.