hm usually people here are relatively good about making threads about things like this. (and if i missed the thread, then uh my bad) anyone using it or want an invite i personally like it better then facebook and considering the owners are google it’ll probably replace facebook like they did to myspace.

pretty cool when you can “hangout” with up to 10 people in video chat, and share youtube videos or chat/video talk. also celebrities etc (well in specific considering i only have one - mark hoppus, which btw took two years but blink finally released a new song)… goes back to continuing off has several times went on video chat with a whole bunch of random people.

has like a twitter/facebook idea all in one. we shall see how it goes, i personally like it :slight_smile:

I don’t like it.

I like the idea of it. So far, I’ve found its usage a little limited, but I’m sure they’ll add more features.

Joined Google+, instantly got nine friend requests from strangers. Went back on a few hours later, and had 26 more friend requests, all strangers. it’s turning out to be a bigger mess than when Facebook started to whore itself to everyone instead of college students.

I’ve had it for over a week, no requests from strangers… maybe you’re just too pretty.

i cant join invite me

I joined. Got 500 strangers requesting me to add them to their “circle”. Spammed Inbox, a little furious and some clicks later and my account is gone. Not going through that myspace mess again. Myspace is such a clusterfuck of “Mang, I have more friends than you, it means I’m cooler.”.