Got Bored

So I decided to dust of the editor, make a level, and post on these forums. Something I really haven’t done in a while, a really long while.
Not sure what else to add to it right now, but what do you guys think?

It’s a really nice level, nothing wrong with it apart from lacking direction, seems like a random wilderness level with absolutely no point to any part of it(not to be rude).

I swear, many levelers here can pull off a lot of creativity and detail in their levels without the need of a custom tileset. ^.^ I’m not a level guru but I like what you got there.

That’s how they do it on GO - pointless, function-less levels. But the levels can sure look nice!

Pyro: It’s a good level. Detailing is simple, yet effective. Very nice job.

I knew I’d get a comment like this, my problem was that I started by deciding i just wanted to split cliffs and make some dirt paths. Maybe i’ll make a map and give my next one some direction.

And thanks for the compliments, maybe i need to make some more levels again.

Split cliffs are sexy

Put a mini quest in it

I invented small cliffs, bud. Lemme see if I can find a level with them so you can stop fucking up.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Here’s part of an unfinished project I had from Classic.

Forgot about this:

That’s how you do the turns, I knew I messed them up a little bit, and i never said I invented them up, I just wanted to practice making them.

and nice file name.

Just sharin’ the knowledge, dood.

Lewkin gewd c: