Or so it says. Happy birthday!


and days of birth that are happy to remember for the 30th time (hopefully)


happy birthday goatse, you’ve made it 30 years before the zionists have caught you and stuck you in a fema camp, so you’re doing good

Yes I am in fact 30, i was and always am a 420 man. random fun fact, I was 12 when i first played graal! I have transitioned from a zany memey young kid into a creepy middle aged anime neet man… someone please tell me i am not like Stephane, Tyhm, Carlito or Moongoddess now… i don’t want to be another creepy unlikeable middle aged dude or grumpy banhammering forum mod…

Happy birthday dude, also iunno… those videos you post some times…

I think you’re allright… probably a clustered person so I would suggest putting more efforts in your social life. But I know how hard and annoying to hear what I just said is… I appreciate your presence so don’t worry. Nothing like bomber or unixmad; I don’t know aboutthe rest… never found Tyhm to be weird but I thought the same of antago.

Happy birthday and good job

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