GoTW (August 11-August 17)

GoTW, the contest where you draw cool new things to use in Graal.

Theme: Tables… Make them for inside or outside, just try to make them look like they belong somewhere in Graal. (You could always throw in some chairs too. ;-))

Submission: Friday, August 17, 2012 (I’ll make the poll in the evening or Saturday morning so you have time for last minute submissions)
Voting ends: Whenever the three day forum poll decides it’s been three days.

Previous Winners:

Get away from my house.

You guys could always just make a simple like a tablecloth or something. I’m still fussing with mine, but yeah…

Tables are stupid!

Then what are you doing in a thread about tables?

Oh! We should totally do dishes next week! :smiley:


Dishes are dumb!

lol get out of my head I was thinking about doing that last night (tablecloth)

This will be my entry for now. :wink:

This is my ancient floaty table.

I think it’s alright.
…Why am i making ancient civilization graphics?

Sweet Jebus!

Looks like a map


Okay I think I know who is going to win this round. I’m not even going to bother to submit this time.

He wasn’t going to submit anything anyway.

I got lazy and was listening to dubstep, I know it sucks but whatya gonna do.

Give it some booth seats

It would look fine with some matching benches in a park area.

Actually I like the booth seat idea. Make it happen.

I was going to work on a table with a tablecloth this morning, then you did that. Then I was going to work on making a decorative table and then Oni did it.

You could probably come up with a better tablecloth than me and there are plenty of options for decorative tables. Nobody’s touched the pub counter and you could always try making a booth for a restraunt/pub. :wink:

lol too late, my internet is being cut in a few hours anyway.
I’ll participate some time in the long run.