Seems to not work for singleplayer levels…

Or do i have to use triggeraction 0,0,gr.updatelevel,levelName.nw.singleplayer?

Works fine in the casino which is a singleplayer level. I have the script inside the same level so I just use this command:

triggeraction 0,0,gr.updatelevel,

If no level is specified it will update the same level the script is executed in.

As far as updating a specific level from another level I would say try adding .singleplayer to the end of the level name as you suggested. Might be a bug if that attempt fails.

All i really needed to know. request wasn’t really for me anyway

Ok so I did what arcain said and popped in the code triggeraction 0,0,gr.updatelevel,;

works fine. However if you try to specify the name it fails. But who knows might need some clareification since im not exactly a reliable source o.0

Hmm. The issue here is that singleplayer levels are stored separately for each player. Using the triggeraction without specifying a level reloads the current level the player is on, which makes it work fine. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to reload a singleplayer level because it doesn’t check the singleplayer level list.

Anyways, I (think) I’ve fixed it. No time to test. I’ll commit and let you guys compile/test for me.

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When testing, make sure you include .singleplayer on the end of the level.
triggeraction 0,0,gr.updatelevel,testlevel.nw.singleplayer;

Well, since nobody has complained, I’m marking this as resolved.