Graal 2001

I have a graal 2001 server up and running on a dedicated box. I have all levels and classes. Without npc server support things don’t work quite right, but most can be fixed. If anyone has the weapons from 2001, that would be great. If anyone is looking to admin the server or to help with the restoration, just log on or send me a pm. :stuck_out_tongue:

dont mean to derail this, but your just cloning another server…whats the point?

nostalgia? like every other server that is or was on graal.

Plus everyone has that same level rip :stuck_out_tongue:

… None … just an easy way to make a non-original server. :smiley:



Hmm i don’t know about it.

Here’s an idea. Make your own server.

some people like to go back and have the same old good times on the same old good servers that are not available anymore.

Then just host it and don’t advertise it as your own.

We can only move forward.
Plus … I’ve already seen all the ol’ servers. I want something fresh.
Once you’ve seem something for a few years, it tends to get
boring. :smiley:

ok , well lets nuke the world , wipe everything out and start all over cause one person finds it boring . sound good ?

To be honest i’ve never played graal2001… so it’ll be new for me? go hard mate.

for the love of god fix your d**n light effect’s . none of the lights on the server have dontblock; and drawover or under player; . everytime i try to walk throu a door im being blocked by a light .

Did I say “Wipe everything to start a new.” No, so learn to read.
I’m just saying it’s getting ol’ real fast. Quit your damn whining.

im not the one whining about all the server’s being old ones that people want to remake rather then being original . and my previous statement was sarcasm , i suggest looking into it sometime . further more , F**k off .

I suggest that you read up on how Sarcasm isn’t as noticeable
in type form. :slight_smile:
Further more, I don’t care anymore. You’ll want to argue with
anything and everything I say about it.
Enough, Thanks~

What a douchebag.

actually this is the first time me and you have ever addressed each other . so dont say i argue with everything you say cause you have said plenty and the only other time i adressed you or brought up your name is when i said your name sounded familure , and now i think i know why .

and this one was directed to who ever is remaking it as their lights are a problem i thought they should be informed about . im not looking to argue with anyone , i simple expressed my dislike for people saying the same old thing over and over again . ok , we the community have read how people hate the old server’s being brought back . great , we get it . not stop expressing your opion on the matter . simple put . not hate or anger pointed at anyone , its just getting old quick . if people dont like me fine , go ahead . i wont lose any sleep over it , just dont read my post’s then .