Graal Delteria Online on Graal Reborn

Hello I made Delteria Online on Graal Rebrorn server so im hiring for LAT,NAT i currently have 2599 levels so come out and join hopefully we will make it to the bronze tab.

i thought you were quitting :frowning: and how can you have 2599 levels when you cant script a house?

Script a house?

Guys if you dont belive me that i have 2599 levels go on the server and you will see that i do

Good luck with that project…

Thanks LiveeEvil

Good luck.
That’s all I am gonna say.
THIS IS RICH!! Bwaahahahaha…

Theirs something called…ugdvd

Soo… instead of making your own original playerworld, you have to steal another one? The amount of levels you have do not equal how successful your server is. And if you cannot work on one single server long enough to get any progress done, how in the hell do you expect to “hire NAT,LAT” and “hopefully make it to the bronze tab.” on a server with 2599 levels? Maybe you don’t realize it, but the more levels you have means the more work it takes to keep up the playerworld. Bigger is NOT always better.

The ugdvd is there for u to look at other peoples work and disect scripts, not for u to steal from. Look at their levels and pick up a style instead of noobish latting

No no, It’s pretty much for people to steal from.
Atleast, that’s what I would say if I were dishonest.

If we had a dollar for every time someone ‘brought up the noble cause to host a server leak’, a server that they had no clue on the inner workings or how to fix anything broken. We’d all be richer than Bill Gates.

You sir might want to start by making one level. Detail it and add a few NPCs to talk with then add another and so on. Then think of some original quest ideas and I’m sure someone might help you if you try commit yourself.

Quality over quantity and ninja’d levels.