graal editor

im new to graal an i just wanna learn how to use gs1 an graal editor the original like how to make npcs an stuff an make events an stuff with the old graal editor i just need help with it please help me[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]hey guys i really need help with the editor your help will be appreciated

Read commands.rtf and newfeaturesXXXX.txt and your set

hey can you guys please hlp me but i manly just want weapons now please like a hookshot flute mullet stuff like that beholder anyone please respond an give me some scripts i can use in offline editor

Get the fuck out please. We aren’t just going to give you things, you have to make them yourself. If you are serious about developing, then at least try.

Wow. You’re not the least bit ashamed about asking for someone to do all your work for you, are you?

This is fucking stupid.

The NPC section has plenty of free shit.