Graal File Project

Hey guys just letting you know about my latest weird project,
it’s called the Graal File Project and I need your participation.

Can everyone please rar/zip their ‘levels’ folder from the Graal client they have played on the most?
If you have had several installs over the years please rar/zip the levels folders for those separately.

Attach all of the rar/zip to an email and send it to: [email protected]

If total size for them exceeds 20mb please send them on seperate emails as that is the attach limit for gmail.

Thank you in advance and hope that we have success with this,
All images collected will be made publicly available.

• Delete your levels\music folder from your zip/rar as this just contains the mp3s for kingdoms/zone and I already have those
• If your file is over 20mb you may upload it to rapidshare and just send an email with the link as I have a premium account on RS


This will be a useful resource for finding images that i need/want


I’ll do it when I get home.

Just for kicks I’ll overwrite block.png with porn.

I have thousands of files in my Graal folder >:] Get ready for a lot of files… when I get home.

That’s what I want to hear, everyone with 1k+ files especially do this.

I don’t want to hear anyone bitching they have too many files, that’s exactly what i’m after.

Hey what if you take all graal v5 images and convert them to the image type files graal reborn uses is that even possible if so ill send you my whole graal online in a zip folder

That’s exactly what he wants you to do O_o

What the fuck were you thinking when you posted this? What in God’s Beholder’s name made you think that images on Graalv5 won’t work on older versions of Graal? Image files are universal, dumb-ass.

Graal V5 supports 32-bit PNG files, dumbass, Graal V2.3 only supports 8-bit PNG files, dumbass.

That’s not what he said, fagboi.

Most* images on Graal V5 servers seem to be 8bit PNG, though.

*if the small sampling I’ve tried is representative

Anyway, I’ve deleted, reinstalled, reformatted, and changed systems so much over the years all that’s in mine is stuff that everyone has. Sorry.

Make a timemachine in graal then warn yourself in the past not to delete the graal client. The stipulation is that the only form of contact you can have with yourself in the past is through the graal client only. >_<

GL trying to convince your past self your from the future

Actually most images on Graal V5 seem to be 32-bit, because retarded kids don’t know how to save in 8-bit :slight_smile:

This seems to be the most common case, because now Graal suddenly accepts uncompressed/unoptimized images with 32million color palettes (when the images they make typically only use 6)

I’ve only worked with stuff from Classic, mostly. That might be why.

Meh, you probably still have stuff I don’t have if you have been trawling around on GO at all.
You might have heads/bodies/ganis that other people don’t have just from being “lucky” enough to see someone using it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, do that. Send the whole thing, just remember to delete the music folder from inside levels or it will be too big.

You can upload file to or if it is more than 20mb and then email me the link.

(or do an urza and send me 11 emails, cunt! lol 2/11 downloaded so far :))

lol, you know you (and your dial up) liked it