Graal Games

Fun little server to play games on. Put your requests for what you want to see on it (events ideas and such) down below :smiley:

Dodge the Arrows, Avoid the Explosions, lol

Requesting pacman and poker(texas hold em)

Smells like bomber arena 0.0

LOL, so much like Bomber Arena. I’ll try to do this!

Does anyone have some Bomber Arena graphics? If you do it would be great to post them here.

Alright, I’ll hit him up with a PM.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]oh gawd I just killed the server with custom bombs. After setting off about 40 at once the server crashed. Stowen, time to restart the server!

Twice in an hour. What are you doing that causes it to crash? Remember, when you crash it, it also crashes my server xD

This time I didn’t do anything!

BTW if you need to get ahold of me fast, IM me on AIM, mikwithane. or MSN [email protected]

Thanks :smiley:

this post seem’s to disagree with that statement .

Not even kidding. No one was using the bombs after.

Made some new graphics for the first bomber zone. The theme is Spooon!

That is all…

I will be making new tiles, don’t worry.

Yeah I’m gonna make themes. Spooon theme is just kind of a joke lol. Notice how it’s all pots.

I miss Bomber Arena… :frowning:

OH MY GAWD! Thanks so much, lol![COLOR=“Silver”]

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I miss your office.

nice work riley :0