Graal Hacking Community

Hey everyone. We have a Graal hacking community on Discord, and would love it if you joined. We have collaborative hacking information, projects, tools, and trainers, for people who’ve shown they can actually put towards a positive contribution (even the basics is enough).

I also have a market offering cheap Gralats & items for iClassic and iEra (hopefully more servers in the future)

Aside from hacking, we just chill, talk about programming, Graal stuff, and everything else. Hope you consider joining, feel free to ask any questions.


Kamil be like jOiN GraAl 774 :laughing:

I’ll chime in here as well.

I’m also a part of this community. While we have a lot of people experienced in memory hacking, expanding gani hacks and trainers, we also have several interested in reversing Graal. Of them, there are people who would be able to speak at length about the old protocol, reversing RC, modern Graal’s implementation of Themida, FB Graal’s Crossbridge implementation, and more.

Skillsets vary from self-taught teenagers, through in-college compsci majors, up to professional software developers and penetration testers, and we have multiple restricted member levels for those who have the skills to participate and a willingness to share and learn from others.


So happy the joy of programming stayed with graalians.

Created a dedicated link so you can join and view the server easily, without the invite link ever expiring.