Graal iEra Hacks and Double Login Bypass Needed

Hello there, everybody. I am in need of two resources from all of you. The first is a client injection for iEra. I would like to know if anyone out there has any sort of hack/injection that I could put into iPhone Explorer/iFile in order to modify my gameplay on iEra. Does anyone have anything I could use to do so on an iDevice, and not stuff about PC Graal? The second resource is basically the cleverness of this group. I don’t know if you all are aware of this on iEra, but I discovered a glitch several weeks ago that lets you duplicate any droppable item on iEra. Needless to say, I was insanely rich within two days, but someone that I trusted named Mario Magus decided to duplicate 2,000,000 shells, and cash them in all at once. He was jailed for 67 years, and a patch was quickly released. I’m going to explain how the glitch works:

  1. Log onto Era iPhone from Facebook.
  2. While on Facebook, drop the item that you want duplicated to a friend.
  3. Have that friend drop the item, and pick it back up while you are still on Facebook.
  4. Without logging out of Facebook, open Era on your iDevice.
  5. Drop the item on your iDevice, and have your friend pick it up.
  6. Close Era on your iDevice.
  7. Resume playing on Facebook, and now your friend will have the item and so will you! Two items! Taadaa!

So here’s the problem: they patched it. They released a detection system that knows when you log into Era twice, and prevents you from opening up Era on your iDevice without first closing Era on Facebook. I want a solution. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this? It seems simple: all they did was block your login from Facebook to your iDevice. It seems like there should be a way around this. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help. I need injections for iEra into iPhone Explorer or some iPhone file explorer like that, and ideas on how to get around this funky lame patch. Thanks.


The information you ask for is held sacred by us, and we rarely pass it along to new members. However, you may earn our trust and respect by completing three trials which are too brutal for me to talk about. The Mollusk, our Keeper of All Things Sacred, can discuss these trials in detail, but beware! You will most certainly not like what you will have to do, and it will be up to you to judge if it is worth it.

Even if we gave it to you, you wouldn’t know how to use it. The tool you’re referring isn’t for hacking, it’s for debugging packets. A few of us just had a little fun with it a while ago, the main intention is to dump and view packets sent to/from the client to aid with the development of our own server.

Ok, I have a download link for you a program that will work for you, it has everything you need and more. It can give you full RC and Admin powers over a server, this link is meant for only you. Nobody else should go on it, it is only intended for you my good sir. Here is the download link for your hacks :slight_smile: Enjoy

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Ok, thank you for the injection, but I really need someone to help me with the double login thing, I will love whoever finds how to get around it.

Aww wtf guys. I thought I made it clear that the mollusk should post three trials. God damnit. Thread ruined.

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