Graal Leveling System

Here’s the current script although I’m experiencing one problem with it and that is…
The player can see his own level appear over his head but other people don’t see it.
Help please?


if (playerenters){
timeout = 0.05;

if (timeout) {
message Level: #v(player.level);

Make it a server string.

I’m a beginner to scripting so I have no idea how to make that :confused:
And what should I do so that everyone can see each other’s level?

We don’t use //#CLIENTSIDE here as we don’t have an NPCServer

setstring server.STRINGNAME,TEXT;

^example of a server string

focus on the fact that I put “server.” before the string name instead of “this.” or “client.”

I know this is quite old, but for future reference if anyone is looking at this…

server string would definitely not work for this, he wants to use setstring (setting a server variable will have everyone on the server sharing the same level lol)

// NPC made by Uncle Remus
if (created) {
if (playerenters &&! isweapon){
toweapons LevelControl;
setstring player.level,1;

if (weaponfired){
if ({;
} else {;
timeout = 0.05;

if (timeout && isweapon){
if ({
showtext 501, playerx, playery+3, , , #s(player.level);
} else {
hideimg 501;
timeout = 0.05;
} [/CODE]

this will set a variable in your flags holding your current level and firing the weapon toggles displaying your level under your character or hiding it (local only, if you want it public would need to use a lower image number but leave it local!!!)

This is one way to do it, but I wouldn’t recommend for the reason of lag where you to use a global showtext. Instead the method I prefer to use is hijack one of the player’s attributes (eg. #P5) and use it as an array to store information I want to share with other people.

Then I render all the showtext stuff via something like this:

for ( = 0; < playerscount;

Which in turn creates no visual lag.

Thanks I should implement something like this into my own script :slight_smile:

Your data type is showing. ;D
I didn’t think that was needed in gs1 o.O I’m sure it’s a mistake, but maybe you wanted it to be there? :o

Oops, force of habit…