Graal map from around 2001

Hi guys,

Could anyone link me to a copy of a Graal classic map from around 2001 or so (that’s my best guess.)?

From when Avalon was to the far west, and Destiny was directly below. Before Ballamb or whatever and when things weren’t yet very chopped up into islands as much. I would go through the DVD torrent to find a copy of it myself but I’m having some trouble connecting.

Just, if anyone has a copy lying around and could look it up for me. Thanks a ton.

Edit: also I don’t have a windows computer, so getting the installers to work to get a map from around then would be a major pain.

I saw some other guy requested a map, so hope it’s no problem.

Most of the stuff I have available for download can be found at
I have the Jan 2000 pack something called the Graal1.3 levelpack which I suspect is the same as Jan 2000, but it may have differences and the Dec 2006 pack not sure if either of these have what you are looking for, but it’s all I seem to have readily available at the moment.

Looking at the description, he’s talking about 2002.

I think he only wants the actual image and not the level packs.

Yeah, just the actual image. I dug around in your graphics packs and couldn,t find anything.

I guess it would be 2002 then, I’m working with decade old memories here so I’m not even too sure.

I think it’s the default map in the Graal folder.

Perhaps this?

Thanks a ton Spooon and Grandel. Those are both perfect for what I need to make a comparison.