Graal Reborn Playerworld: Sentinel

Sentinel, a playerworld ran and operated by Beholder, under Graal Reborn has been progressing quite well recently.

This playerworld has many fun and exciting things which exercise the power of the Graal Online / Graal Reborn scripting engine. If you are looking for an interesting project to follow, you should definitely follow this one as it is taking Graal to a further level.

This server contains many fun and exciting ways that you would be able to player kill another graalian. These include boomerangs, hammers, hook-shots, shovels, bow, and even a bomb! Now if this doesn't sound exciting, then your expectations of a game are obviously way too high – LOWER YOUR STANDARDS!

Look at the video above for more information :slight_smile:

Note: Graal Reborn is in no-way related to Graal Online.