Graal Reborn Popular?

Does graal reborn want to be popular or stay on the down low? I can’t tell.
I know of a site that will give Graal Reborn 1000 page views from different people. Since this is free, I bet a lot of people will join.

well if it gets more popular, it might speed up the process of getting servers up more quickly. Though this is the only site that pops up anyways when your searching for a free server.

Go ahead, advertise. The only thing is that there is no finished servers so people tend to register then dissapear.

once GR PW gets back up and running, it can get finished. and be the best server this server ever seen. >_>

Why is it still called graal anyway? Wasnt the gserver rebuilt from scratch?

The client/game is still Graal. The protocol is graals. the way to handle levels is graals. What should we call it?



Smile, its Rabid Weasels of Gaarl

Graal Reborn

Or Graal Plus?

or Game with Massive T&A (will help with the popularity)


This is stupid.

It was a retorical question… This IS Graal. That’s why it’s named Graal. End of discussion.