Graal Reborn?

Has the ‘official’ playerworld Graal Reborn gotten anywhere as of now? Any news on it? Last I knew was that it had little content and there was a small team working on it.

It’s still being hosted, just hidden I think…as far as progress goes, no idea.

Lampshade got fed up with it and quit. We did sit around and bash him a few weeks beforehand on the forums… Regardless it was almost no new content, he was mostly gathering other defunct projects and slowly linking them together.

does it still have one level?

Wait, I thought Cadavre/Marlon was the one in charge?

Nothing is going on with it.

Oh, just thought the server would have had made some pretty decent progress so far and was hoping to see some screenshots or something in action. Honestly I’m not able to log on (with this computer getting some kind of .dll error) and try to log on to the server to see for myself (unless it’s staff only).

right now, there’s only the default onlinestartlocal.nw on there. I haven’t gotten around to reupload the old Graal Reborn PW pre-lampshade

which world was I working on that Zinijh before I got too bored and ended up stopping?

opshon ripped a majority of my PW, then put a statue in the middle of a city decreeing Opshon is the king of graalreborn (much like dangerless did). moo

If wanted I could make a level or two a day for the hell of it, that’s all I’ve really been doing lately anyways is working on levels and It’s pretty peaceful for me :open_mouth: If still out I helps in small way? xd