Graal the Adventure (2004)

I would like know what happened this adventure on Graal Reborn server? I played this game - the inside of cave in Avalon. Anyone could bring Graal the Adventure back to this server, please?

Sure thing, Stephane.

The server is back now but there is some bad news - the account files are lost. I need to find a better solution for backups.

Good news is that connected levels are working better (you couldn’t see NPCs/players in adjacent levels before) and boats are fixed. I have also added the command “/removeNewbieSaint” in the unlikely event of 2 people logging on (with newbie saint) and wanting to PK eachother.

You’re welcome!

is this something that’s part of the 2.5 release? Also is that using a bigmap or gmap?

I don’t believe the fix has anything to do with the 2.5 release however I am at a complete loss to explain how the problems were occurring to begin with. The problems had not occurred when Kalzor and Marlon hosted the server (and I provided the files & serveroptions for this), nor was it reproducible on a different machine with the 2.4 server version and same files.

The problem is in regards to bigmaps, where if I provided certain maps on the “bigmaps=” list the NPCs contained within them would be highly bugged. Bigmaps set via the “setmap” command still worked fine, it just meant that you couldn’t see players/NPCs in adjacent levels.