Graal the Adventure's FAQ, an old introduction for newbies to Graal 'Reborn'

I was wondering from where Graal the Adventure was coming from.
While searching for this, I found the Graal THE ADVENTURE Guide / FAQ / Walkthrough.
But it is moreover also an introduction, and somehow an historic perspective to Graal as it was in 2001.


The beginning village of Graal the Adventure is a tutorial. If you walk around and talk to the NPCs there, they tell you a lot about how things work on Graal and GtA.

Also, that walkthrough is too old for the version of GtA that kalzor and I use. This is much more accurate with our version.

Edit: the domain is down for my link but should be back up eventually

ROFL that website’s domain expired two days ago. Also I’m pretty sure Moondeath owns it
oh btw where can I get the Power 3 glove? also so many of the chests I come to are already opened :frowning:

Yes, it did expire.

No, moondeath did not own it, I did. moondeath and I are bffffffs. and if moondeath would FUCKING PAY ME i would renew the domain.


Oh I just assumed because moon death had his proxy on there

I use it, too. That means I own it.


Ok. Send me info.

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