Graal V6 client modification

Hey, so I was thinking of code-caving or in another way making myself a modified client for graalv6.
Better yet, my end-game is making a modified RC2 client.
Obviously you guys have cracked the obfuscation.

The clients are packed with, I believe, an old version of thinstall. Possibly. You will need to extract the client from the package, which is quite difficult.

The new versions use a different packer, the older versions used ThInstall


Any news? anybody got it?

We have put no effort into cracking the v6 client as it’s still only beta, and we have no way of using it since we can’t compile bytecode of the scripts.

what about V5?

We have cracked

can you please send me the link?

What do you need it for?

Share it with us

Does cracked mean you have it connecting to gr servers?

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nevermind. i heard it doesnt work because it requires NPC server and a Login Server.

Anyways thank you.

I believe we got the v4 client working with the GR server at one point, but we never bothered to pursue it because we don’t have a working npc-server. And the v4 client doesn’t work on Vista/7. v5.0.0.12 would be possible with a working npc-server.

Our servers allow all clients from 1.41 latest v6 and iphone clients. However, there are some protocol mismatches though that I was working out last time I did anything with the gserver. v5.0.0.7 is the last one with GS1 clientside, but it’s pointless without GS2 since the chatbar, pmwindows etc are scripted in GS2 and not hardcoded into the client like in v4 and earlier.

I have gotten v4 to work on Win 7, but for most people, it seems like the client just wants to crash on start. v4 also had a bug where the z-index would get really high, so all players were above ground. We could put some effort into getting these clients working if someone completes a npcserver or atleast actively build upon it.

I’m sure we could. Just look at the NPC-Server Coat was working on.

Coat never worked on one.

Joey has worked on like 3 different ones. Linuxmad was working on one. I have however never heard of one that Coat made. Downsider contributed to Joey’s C# NPC-server though. I think the C# one will be the most likely one to be used afaik since it seems to be most efficient.

Sorry, 39ster made some NPC-Server thing, Coat was kinda testing it and stuff.

Oh, right, that one! That one looked promising aswell!

Would we have to completely write a new one for V5? Or could we just continue from one point and modify it to work?