Graal2001 Hiring

Graal2001 is Hiring:

Graal2001 is a server for everyone, young and old.
You can go quest, work, role play, fight, play events. and much more.

Graal2001 is devided into 4 kingdoms, Dustari,Zormite,Samurai and Pirates.
When its time we will set 1 leader for each kingdom. those leaders will be able to recruit there members, and they can role play to each other. there will also be kingdoms events and money.

In the beginning you can Choose if you want to be a bomy or a human (Races)
We have a whide range of bomy styles. but not everything will be avalible at the beginning :slight_smile: you gotta earn ur new SKIN :P…

We also feature a Fine Work System were you can Mine for minerals, fish for fish, craft things and even grow things that you can sell.

Also there will be railroads true around the whole world. you can use your Draisine to get faster from point a to b.
later in development you can also build your own railtracks.

And Much More. :slight_smile:

We are currently Hiring:

Level Makers
Gani Makers

Any help is welcome :). i will be online on graal2001 most of the time if you need to ask me any questions.

Thanks, Cell

p.s. Well if i have to say more about Graal2001 later i will edit it into this post

lulz :wink:

Wow, you guys have g2k1 backups? Very nice! Loved that server, how can I play it?

easy :slight_smile: just login and play :smiley:

I never used graal reborn before, could you give me more details? thanks

Thought I recognized that account name from Babylon

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o-o; lol

Opposite (11/1/03 12:58:57 PM):
omg be manager again :smiley:
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You (11/1/03 12:59:42 PM):
@_@ lol hell no
And I think I just got drafted as a scripter against my will

lmao 2003, wow

Well…if Cell is part of this I am all for it.