Graal2001 Train


Im trying to find the script for Graal2001’s train that was driving around the world, but i cant seem to locate it anywhere.

Could someone point me in the correct direction or if you know what level it starts in or maybe have the script?


This is the last time I saw the god damned thing.

I’m not sure it’s even in the 2k1 back-up files. They took it out promptly to replace it with the draisine cart.

The train was made of multiple DB-NPCs. The G2K1 “backups” didn’t include the database NPCs- and such NPCs require an NPC Server, if not for the ability to travel across levels.

Last screenshot I took of the G2K1 train, too bad its out of date in that the player still draws over the thing.

That looks awesome, its rather funny how the overall quality of servers has degraded over the years

Ok, thanks for the responses

You’re quite the popular guy.