GraalOnline free?

Oh, good… but their servers still suck.

Yeah, this happened a few weeks ago, I think. At least with Kingdoms and whatever other one was gold. Server hosting still costs.

Can Classic come back now?

Probably Stefan just being lazy and forgot. Either that or PC Graal is just so dead and makes so little money it doesn’t matter anymore.
I don’t have a problem with GraalOnline making money and I never did. My problem is with them being immature, unprofessional and criminal dicks. They would have a hard time and actually have to do a lot to prove to me that they are no longer merely evil shysters.

They still make volunteers create their profitable servers, still charge kids a shit load to rent terrible servers that never go anywhere and don’t take up (a great deal of) bandwidth because PC Graal’s community is largely dead, at best in the process of dying.
Until they actually put forethought and effort into the way they conduct business (i.e. pay the people that keep their servers alive) they won’t get any respect from me. They don’t even respect the staff that work on their servers, I know some staff that basically keep their servers alive and they’ve never even had a “thanks, we appreciate your work”.
The fact that they disabled observer mode (in my opinion) doesn’t mean anything at all, it just means that the income from PC Graal must be negligible.

lol graal