PACHUKA owned this domain back in 2011-12, I re-registrered the expired domains and decided to index as much links as I could find regarding the history of Graal and Unixmad.


If i missed anything, reply to this thread with a link you would like me to index. Give me the title name, and the author of the page’s name.


I believed the french guy had put copyright claims over that website url.


The Jason Taylor misdemeanor link isn’t Xor.


The domain was available for anyone to register, so I guess not.
He will need to accept the fact that I will not back down, that is if he throws a fit about it. I don’t see a reason to, with tools/sources such as the Internet Archive, which makes up over half of the indexed links/pages/posts. If he truly wants to remove content such as what has been indexed on the site, he will need to threaten someone bigger than him. Knowing him and the pussy he is, he will not do such.


Thanks for letting me know


I will post images here that may not come to the site.