Great Success!

I would like to congratulate the Phoenix team for their effort in creating a server that inspired the members of Graal Reborn to become more active. The three days after the Beta release were an all-time high! One-hundred players! Wow!

Thanks to you hard workers, the forums have had a 1000% increase in membership registrations and activity! I can just feel the excitement of all the happy new faces introducing themselves!

I am super-duper serious when I say that you guys have done a job well-done, and that I am thoroughly enjoying your server.

…lol wut.

Seriously though, you got me hooked. I know I’ve mentioned it once or twice (and so has the rest of the community):
Phoenix is a great server. Great Quests, Awesome Events, “Not-so-boring” Jobs, Achievements… and best of all active players. Thumbs up on the level work, weapons and GUI’s too.

All round’ great job.

Thank you! That was an incredibly sincere gesture and, I feel like I can speak for tric, in saying that really means a lot to us. We’ll keep trying to fill Phoenix with content that will keep players coming back! Progress is not fast, but it is progress.

Phoenix is probably highest quality server I have ever seen in Graal.

I guess you’ve never seen Unix-Graal.

The new classic that… was his nick Thor?.. directed was pretty high quality but in no way as big and sandbox like as Phoenix. Phoenix fits much better in the continuity of Graal. I was more seduced by the extreme polishing of new classic though.

Why thank you.

I haven’t played Phoenix, but I must check this out at some point! :slight_smile:

At what time do you usually play? I have connected to the server more than a couple of days in a row at 8-11 pm australia (once with a friend) and no one is around except for what looks like 1 afk mod

I usuaaly hop on when I see someone else is on.

Well most people in the community live in America, and that’s around the time everybody is in school or at work here. :stuck_out_tongue: I typically hop on around 4:00PM GMT -4 or 9:00PM GMT -4.

I don’t have a fixed playing time :worried:, I saw you afk a couple of days ago. Different timezone here though.
I’m usually on right around 4:00pm EST or 7:00pm EST,
I also:

Great job guys!

Me and mol don’t think so. This is why we’ve kind of moved on with life, sure is kind of sad to let it go so easily though. I might try get a few more quests or activities pushed out some time. I wouldn’t count on it though.

I’ll come back to it. I just need to recharge the creative battery for a bit. It felt like we were forcing a lot for the sake of being done. We started it because it was fun and interesting. So, I just need to get back into that frame of mind. I really don’t plan on stopping until it’s done.

This is why its offline? Seriously? :confused:

No, it’s offline because I didn’t realise it went offline. Fixed now.

This thread was actually supposed to be making fun at the fact that it didn’t live up to hype, but I didn’t want to say anything because Mollosk thanked the post.

I always had such a suspicion. Especially since it was coming from you.