Hello everyone. Some of you know me, most of you don’t. Just thought I would let everyone know that I have arrived. I’ll be working with Racil on his project for the time being, so stop by and say hi or something.

Who is this mysterious “Racil”?


Ranger, you sexy man, welcome to my home.

Welcome! :smiley: Nice to have people along the likes of you joining up.

:open_mouth: yello!

Welcome Ranger! :slight_smile:

Welcome to you :open_mouth:

I do not know you, but everyone seems to think you are awesome.


greetings new friend! Always happy to see new faces around here.

I’m not sure what people the likes of me are, but sure, lol.

some noob who i talk to. he’s a huge noob

you just reminded me that i need to clean the toilet. took a massive dump in it the other day and now it’s got stains all over it. it was squishy

Oh hey i saw you on UN the other day. Sup.

Oh god, that image lol.

I’m here to be like ‘yay!’ as I said.
So: Yay!
And racil is not noob he graet and bestest at everything and likalbe and oldbies and suff u shuld respekt him >:(

Yeah, lol, we’ll go with that.