GS1 Chatbar & GUI

Does anyone know how to access that chatbar and gui via GS1?

“by access I mean modify how they work or in the GUIs case what it looks like.”

Thanks In advance.

GS1 has very limited access to anything. You can hide various aspects of the built-in character information display like hearts/mana/whatever, but you can’t make changes to the Q menu or a few other things. As for the chat bar, there’s absolutely no means of accessing it.

For the hearts/stuff display, look at the enablefeatures “command” in the GS1 document. (Attached if you don’t have it.)


I use the bible that’s hosted on graal’s wiki.…ev/Old_GScript

You can control the player’s chat with setplayerprop #c,chatTextHere;
You can also make stuff react to chat with if(strequals(#c,wtv)

There were also various gloabal chat things implemented in the past… so I believe everything’s possible but editing the chat bar itself.

I was just trying to make a TypeWriter script. But I will probably be implementing my own chatbar anyways. on a client im working on.