GS2 Bytecode

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been a part of the Graal Reborn community (or the GraalOnline community, for that matter), but I’m about to graduate university, and I’ve recently taken up a passion of reverse engineering.

I took a compiler design class at my university, and the idea of reverse engineering GS2 bytecode intrigues me as a potential side project. In an ideal world, I’d have access to a GS2-compatible gserver so I can write scripts and see the bytecode generated in real-time, but alas, I must resort to other strategies.

I’m curious if anyone here has knowledge about GS2. I know some here have mentioned TorqueScript in threads from years past, but from what I gather, the bytecode is probably different with the new versions.

Could anyone with intimate knowledge lend a helping hand?