GscriptAssist : An autocompletion tool for Graal script

Hi guys!

Being tired of the lack of functionality in Graal’s built-in IDE, I decided to create an Autohotkey script to autocomplete common Gscript commands.

You can grab the file here :

  • GscriptAssist.AHK is the source file (you can edit and run it, or compile it to .exe using autohotkey)
  • GscriptAssist.EXE is the compiled script which anybody can run without having AHK installed

I just started it and I plan on adding features as I get back to more advanced NPC scripting.
Current features:

  • Autocomplete text for common conditions and manipulations
  • Automatic indentation and bracket placement
  • Temporary floating Tooltips to indicate correct syntax of current command

This post will be updated each time I make a new version of this tool.

List of current commands:
(Type the text and then SPACE so it completes automatically

  • if playe
    if (playerenters) {

  • if playt
    if (playertouchsme) {

  • if weap
    if (weaponsenabled) {

  • if lmouse
    if (actionleftmouse) {

  • if rmouse
    if (actionrightmouse) {

  • if dmouse
    if (actiondoublemouse) {

  • setlev
    setlevel2 , , `;

  • hidel::hidelocal;

  • showl::showlocal;

  • drawo::drawoverplayer;

  • drawu::drawunderplayer;

  • nopk::noplayerkilling;

  • puth::puthorse , , `;

  • putc::putcomp , , `;

  • setmap::setmap , , , `;

  • setmini::setminimap , , , `;

That’s it for now, more should come later!
Feel free to add commands yourself, or ask for new features!


Typing is a hassle for you? Why are you a coder?

Good job man.

Making trivial and repetitive chunks of code quick and intuitive allows me to focus on more advanced features instead.

I plan on simplifying the syntax for more complex variables to make Server-Side events.

hey hey man, does a programmer have to get carpal tunnel? Also a lot of people use macros and shortcuts for programming outside of Graal…

There’s nothing advanced about GraalScript, and the entire language is repetitive. God forbid you have to type if (created) once in a code.

God forbid you write some code to sort things when you can just do it by hand.

god forbid

God forbid Jatz has anything good to say

What’s god?

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you guys must be so bored.

and I’m up to no good. 8^)

Hahahaha you guys can turn any thread into a random argument.

I’m adding GUI features, there’s technically no limit to what could be done this way, do you guys have any idea what kind of script creation it would be nice to automate through a UI?

For example, if you write putc… then it pops a GUI where you select the Baddy type as well as the coordinate and click OK, the associated Gscript is then automatically generated.

I’ll add more as I code more, but any suggestion should get me going!