GServer build 65 - Black Lab.

A GServer in the making, codenamed Black Lab. It is designed to organize the sub directories and also make the console easier to understand. I have also changed some of the client’s grammar, too.

Here are the important features:

  • setcoat is no longer setcoat, but rather /coat. (Which applies to all other appearances)
  • moved loose files in the root of the server to a folder named “server”. (Containing files like “weapons.txt” and “foldersconfig.txt”)
  • easier to read console, for beginners.
  • no server crash upon setcoat without a color. (Which applies to all other appearances. Nalin is responsible for this fix)

Here are the upcomming features:

  • update server function. (Reloads “weapons.txt” and “rules.txt”. Also will update the staffonly option and the indevelopment option)

Have any suggestions?

Ah Maybe I didn’t see that… Hmm. Well Maybe I will just have to look forward to more things I could change that would affect gameplay. =/

but thanks… So far it has been a breeze. Usually when I compile my sources from other things I always mess up. -.- But that will matter a few hours later when I fall asleep and wake up again. Good… morning. XD

Why do you kids do this. Keep setcoat and such universal and everyone will be happy.
UN and Era can suck my balls.

Then why do we have setshoes and setshoe? I believe it was originally setshoe…
I am concerned on getting the GServer more organized and userfriendly. =)

Anyone could just say ‘setcoat yellow’. =P Yellow coats are ugly BTW.
using ‘/coat yellow’ would give more of an understanding.

It was originally setshoes and setsleeves as an NPC Tailor command, however when it was first implimented into the Gserver they added it as “setshoe”, “setsleeve”, which annoyed me. So I added setshoes & setsleeves, with backwards support.

Agreed, it was annoying.

Could always add setsleeve1, setsleeve2. . . seriously, lol
I will agree on how I got annoyed by that when I started. I always thought it was sleeves and shoes. . . lol More than one!

I also agree with Spoon on saying, just leave it the same . . seriously, it’s not that important. lol It’s just one fricken command, a useless one at that. lol

Hardly useless, but rather, pointless to change.


You could make it even more annoying and change the colors to numbers… I hate UN…

Alright, I guess (by demand) people would prefer to keep it ‘setcoat’ style. The only critical changes are: You need a forward slash before ANY funtion… and the color ‘gray’ has been fixed for some of us who prefer ‘grey’. Me.

“/setcoat lightgrey”
“/sethead head7.gif”
“/summon caHarkness”
“/warpto 32 32”
“/setsleeves grey”

does the grey/gray ting really matter, lol? Brittish are ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I like /commands because they easily denote from just regular chat. And you should accept both “gray” and “grey” as the same function just to eliminate the discrepancies.

Grey is the american bastardization.
Due to the creators, being from Europe, learned to translate the game in english. ;D

English, do you speak it motherfucker? 'Cause I don’t think you do!

It’s not that necessary, but adding both sounds like a good idea. I’ll work on that…
Shame on you Beholder… XD I don’t really know what you are implying…

Grey and Gray are both correct, like it matters which one it really is. [/sarcasm] -.-
Why not smack Stephane (or however you spell it) and Unixmad in the face by saying grey instead of gray?


The list is quite accurate.
Eg: When an English girl says shes going to take your pants off, she doesn’t mean your jeans. XD

Pants are panties in England, I know.

Why he’s wearing panties is something I’d rather not know.

Urrrgh. Mental image.

Pants = Boxers/Underwear.

You had a bloody day to figure that out, and you failed!
Even SeraphX got it right :[