GServer Commands

gserver should have commands that can be used to update the servers the gserver hosts without having to shutdown and startup the gserver. also other commands could be useful, but the main one i want is updating local server list. cadavre probably has some ideas.

Okay, the main question is, how do you inform the gserver .exe file that you are trying to issue commands to it? Are you expecting me to create an RCON style interface to send network commands to? Some form of interprocess communication? You want to design a system to fine-tune some aspects of the gserver. Tell me how you want to interface with it and what you expect it to do.

sorry. i forgot that a lot of people use windows to host gservers. on linux, the gserver will not run in the background and you can see the logs/notices or whatever on the screen. you can also type stuff into it, but gserver isnt programmed to use any inputs like that. you know that though. my wish is that i can type ‘update servers’ or something into gserver console and it will load new servers and shutdown server not still in the list.

I know that there’s plenty of *nix apps that can call like --rehash and it sends the call via the PID or something. This would probably fuck things up on windows though, so I suggest a master port where you can login with your graal user and pass. these settings will be set in servers.conf or something like that.


  • ability to define which ip-address to listen on
  • which port
  • which users are allowed as masters comma-seperated

Interface commands:

  • /getstatus all - Returns a list of all current available servers and a status read on them (online/offline). This list should be comma seperated and like: name,folder,players-online,ip,port,status
    (you catch the drift)
  • /getstatus server_name - Returns name,folder,players-online,ip,port,status
  • /add server_name - re-reads the servers.conf, looks for server_name, if it exists, add it to the “/getstatus”.
  • /remove server_name - stops server (if online), removes it from “/getstatus”
  • /start server_name
  • /stop server_name
  • /restart server_name

That’s all I can think of now.

One cool thing would be if you could do this by connecting via RC and typing the commands in the RC-chat aswell.

Plaintext would be fine for PHP to be able to communicate with the server.

I might give this a go and write a controller app for it in C# if it’s still something people would like to use. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the RC already designed for that?
Wouldn’t it be simpler to add new commands to the RC?

Rc sends the commands. It doesn’t execute them. The gserver does.

Yeah that’s what I meant… using the rc to send the commands instead of writing a new controller.