GServer Crash Bug

the gServer, svn 2.4.0, crashes when setting this option to true:

# Set to true to disable the folder configuration. nofoldersconfig = false

It won’t crash right away, but randomly sometime afterwards.

I had this happen to me as well. Not much I can say other than that, though. I set it back to false and everything worked just fine.

Yeah, i wanted to set it because with the config it wont load levels in world/overworld, even if I have the config set to allow it. So i tried to disable folder config and it crashed my server periodically.

_> Random crashes are no fun. Is there an easy way to get it to crash reliably and on command?

I’m pretty sure when something is downloaded, such as a level, or image. But not 100% sure

Marking this as resolved, but I’m stickying it because it might still be there.

It is still there, I’ve got this happen to me after compiling the newest gserver.
This seems to happen when the filesystem is updated, which is every 3minutes, I noticed that since I was playing around with that variable at the moment.