gServer Linux

I might be the only one that has so many problems with compiling the gServer, but Id realy like to know what is required to make it.

Like which Boost packages? What other packages?

Thanks in advice.



Cadavre got them all. I really should add these to the “Compile the GServer” topic.

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How about being more specific with “Boost” in the “Compile the GServer” topic? Cus there alot of boost libs… :>

Hmm. From that reply, I’m guessing either you didn’t install the general boost metapacket that installs all of boost, or your distro doesn’t have a general boost metapackage that installs all of boost.

I use boost for a variety of things, so I just go ahead and install the complete package. Normally, boost is packaged all together. Some distros, for whatever reason, split up the different libraries from boost into multiple packages. The gserver uses boost.thread only, but boost.thread may have dependencies on other parts of boost that I am not aware of.

I’ll make a note about this.