GServer Questions in 2020

Hello, I’m a long-time Graal player who’s been inactive for years. Recently I’ve been trying to archive as many pieces of Graal history that I could, to make sure that the game can still be kept alive a little even after the list servers go down.

I’m obviously a bit behind on what’s been happening in the communities, so I don’t even expect anyone to be around or care enough to answer this question for a complete rando like me, but I was wondering if there was any way to make the Reborn client connect directly to a GServer without having to go through a Listserver. I know clients like 1.3.9 can directly connect, but I was hoping for something more recent that could possibly connect to GServer2.

I mean, hell, if anyone can tell me where I’m going wrong with trying to get my own Listserver running that’d be perfect, I just figure open discussion about that kind of thing probably isn’t particularly encouraged anymore.

Sorry if these are stupid questions, and thanks at least for reading.

Rest assured you’re not the first person to attempt any of that.