Guess what? :D

Do something, anything!
Last thing that was done on ‘Graal Reborn’ was Marlon uploading some pure water levels on the 28th! Server hasn’t even been touched since then! I don’t know what I find more irksome, the bit of efforts you claim you have to pull the community with a good server, or the bit where you have a small group of people and it still took over a year to develop a level beyond the OnlineStartLocal >:O

Bunch of hippies! You protest your peace and change but when it comes down to producing results yourselves, you just find excuses to veg on the couch as you smoke your pot!

I dont veg on the couch…I Veg on the sectional and play on laptop…I recently installed Republic Commando

I’m still researching and deciding on the best approach. I’m still making levels in the mean time. I don’t want the community to die either. Graal Reborn requires alot of enthusiasm and commitment (not that it isnt awesome, its just difficult to get people motivated)

lol I would lend a hand . . well not any more. I gave up a long time ago . . well not that long ago, more or less recently. :smiley:

I really agree with you Eleven, it’s hard getting people motivated. lol

The community is pretty dead if you think of how many people are registered and don’t actually get on. lol
It’s a hand full of people who come back here.

Good luck any ways. lol

I’m just a lazy hippy as stated.

Lazy Chicken would sound better.

lazy is the word, yes.


well i got 286 level big graal world with some side quests and main quest… but i cant get the server to work. dont know why, but not firewall. and second i dont know what works online since i cant get it online, so theres a whole bunch of crap i know works offline, but to what good? most of the shit aint done now, but 2-3 years ago whit an even older graal so much scripts are old old old. i will get it up though. just dont right know.

Mind you I am quite busy at the moment. Got a lot of fines from the police I have to take care of and been hanging with friends a lot more. Very very time consuming, but also a main contributor to not working to often is being a lazy chicken.

I think it would help if we did something collaboratively

We’re doing something collaboratively. It’s Graal Reborn Playerworld. You’re posting in its forum. This thread is all about this Playerworld that everyone in the community can provide to.

I’ve been busy with many things going on in my life recently so I haven’t had so much time to work on this. There has been christmas holidays, newyears, travel planning and I recently got a new girlfriend etc, so I got a reason as of why I haven’t done anything on the PW recently.

Again I say

Least it made the forums slightly more active, have a feeling its nearing the end of it’s usage though

Your words have inspired me to do some work and I think the milk in my cup of tea is off.

Beholder, why don’t you do anything? Work on Sentinel.

PSU is noisy, Sentinel was more of a developer playground in making new things as a means for me to try something new. Ie: a Tech Demo, a place to try and give others ideas of what they can make with Graal v2, and that an NPC Server isn’t “mandatory” for every little pissant thing D:

Least you’re not bitching about UnixGraal, a small but “complete” server made within 2 weeks :open_mouth:

I love that server. Why aren’t I in it, though!?

le Shrug

I meant we should focus on one server. I know that’s difficult, with everyone’s differing opinions.

Again, that was the point of the ‘Graal Reborn’ server, they have proven they suck at it, in single and as a whole. lol
Also: Who wants to place any bets Marty comes back within the next… 3 months