GUI plz

I recreated this old delteria GUI image in mspaint, from this screenshot:

Can somone be cool enough to script it so it functions exactly how it would, based on the screeny? I assume i have everything required in the gui image…


// NPC made by tricxta
if (Playerenters){
  if (!isweapon)toweapons -hud;
  showstats 1024;
  playerrupees = 100;
  playermp = 10;
  setstring this.sheet,skoopadeltgui1.png;
  timeout = 0.05;

if (timeout && isweapon){
  this.drawC = {screenwidth-200,40};//draw coordinates

  this.stats = {playerhearts/playerfullhearts,playermp/100,playerap/100};

  showimg 300,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0],this.drawC[1];//main image
  changeimgpart 300,0,0,141,175;

  if (this.stats[0] > 0){
    showimg 301,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+4,this.drawC[1]+11;
    changeimgpart 301,2,186,97*this.stats[0],19;
  else hideimg 301;

  if (this.stats[1] > 0){
    showimg 302,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+4,this.drawC[1]+41;
    changeimgpart 302,2,214,97*this.stats[1],19;
  else hideimg 302;

  if (this.stats[2] > 0){
    showimg 303,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+105,this.drawC[1]+11;
    changeimgpart 303,112,195,15,49*this.stats[2];
  else hideimg 303;

  showimg 304,sprites.png,this.drawC[0]+64,this.drawC[1]+108;
  changeimgpart 304,28-(playerglovepower == 3)*28,212,28,32;
  showimg 307,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+79,this.drawC[1]+122;
  changeimgpart 307,playerglovepower*14,263,14,16;

  showimg 305,#1,this.drawC[0]+104,this.drawC[1]+108;
  changeimgpart 305,14,48,24,28;
  showimg 308,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+119,this.drawC[1]+122;
  changeimgpart 308,playerswordpower*14,263,14,16;

  showimg 306,#W,this.drawC[0]+4,this.drawC[1]+71;

  showimg 309,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+71,this.drawC[1]+83;
  changeimgpart 309,int(playerbombs/10)*14,263,14,16;
  showimg 310,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+83,this.drawC[1]+83;
  changeimgpart 310,(playerbombs%10)*14,263,14,16;

  showimg 311,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+101,this.drawC[1]+83;
  changeimgpart 311,int(playerdarts/10)*14,263,14,16;
  showimg 312,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+113,this.drawC[1]+83;
  changeimgpart 312,(playerdarts%10)*14,263,14,16;

  hideimgs 313,320;//assume the player will get no more then 1000000 graalats
  for (this.r = 0; this.r < int(log(10,playerrupees))+1; this.r++){
    showimg 313+this.r,#s(this.sheet),this.drawC[0]+29+this.r*14,this.drawC[1]+146;
    changeimgpart 313+this.r,(strtofloat(   #e(this.r,1,#v(playerrupees))   )%10)*14,263,14,16;

  for (this.i = 0; this.i < 20; this.i++)
    changeimgvis 300+this.i,(this.i < 6)?4:5;

  timeout = 0.05;

Awesome thanks tric, and gj with the compactnesssnesss.

Now i just need to try and copy your work to make this one:

then this one:

then this one:

then this one:

then thiss one:

ETCC and then make an interchangeable gui npc yeeeey

that’s some sexy hud :0

Looks good riley, except the wood-ish part at the top is way too light imo

I dunno what’s wrong with my ports or whatever…sometimes the server says it forwarded it, sometimes it says no devices found, and it seems either way no one can connect =/

so much nostalgia. :’)
I forgot some of those people even existed.

Skoopa, fix up versus so we can connect dude.

I’m working on a lot of stuff at once, i don’t want random people getting on when im not around and getting stuck in areas or abusing something i haven’t finished testing, i’m keeping it staff only for now… but you should be staff tricxta, you should be able to connect ?_?

Also, i reaallly need you to make a system for vs coins, it’s kind of the biggest thing holding me back from re-releasing the server. I invision it to look like how rupees drop from a player after killing them, except their called VS coins. The amount that drops from a player you kill, is dependant on that player’s kills, so you may get 1-5 coins for killing a player with 50 or less kills, for example. And vs coins are a currency primarily used for buying new weapons.

Anyway i got the image/drop gani done, i just need to consult with you about the details dooooood

(also the gui you scripted dont work goood on versus, the gralats are fuxxed up dood)

I can’t get on. It’s behaving like you haven’t ported properly.

Why do I feel like Skoopa has no idea what the fuck he is doing?

because he doesn’t.

am I the only one who feels really fucking mad seeing him rip all of Delt’s old graphics?

regarding what?

you should be mad that i uploaded an entire overworld they used to have, not that i ripped a gui image that they also used to have

why would you mention such a stupid thing. Delt was awesome and you reviving it will NEVER bring it back.


why would you mention such a stupid thing?

Ok but nothing on graal reborn is ever ‘bringing’ anything back, why are you upset?

hey look a shit was given-- oops I was mistaken.

Stop shit stirring, at least he’s trying which is more than what you’re presently doing. Besides, if anyone gives a fuck it’s obviously you.
Let’s all lay off skoopa now k?

Anyways, you should be able to log on now tricxta

IP doesn’t match but at least I connect.