Guild wars

This is brain storming for the promotion of guilds. Creating guilds goes a long ways towards player retention and server growth. However we need to give a reason for people to want to make guilds and have things for them to do.

I have a few ideas although I’m not sure how possible they are with out an npc server so if any scripters want to chime feel free.

Bases/Keeps: These can be captured by any guild and each will have unique benefits. (We need to come up with ideas the only one comming to mind is transporter rooms of sorts.) A guild can hold an unlimited number of bases however we as a server will increase/decrease the number of bases based on player activity. That way there is competition over the various bases.

I’m thinking of making small little outposts around the base which have to first be taken before the base itself becomes vulnerable to attacks. Any where from 3-5 nodes which will take about 15 minutes for the base to become vulnerable to attack. If a guild successfully captures a base it enters a safe mode for one hour before it is vulnerable to attack.

What I’m looking for is feed back on how to improve this idea with ideas for what benefits a guild house should offer to make guilds want to take and hold a keep.

Hmm… maybe we can make it more than just sword fighting. Have cannons on the walls and stuff. Our imagination is the limit really.

Aye but if they also make the guilds/bases/headquarters themselves and recruit their own members, without giving them baby steps. They will feel its more of a valuable possession of their time.

I’m actually thinking of not doing player made guild houses like in classic. The way I’m thinking of having it is not every one will be able to have a guild house. If you’re guild isn’t strong enough to hold an outpost then they need to get stronger. I’m not dead set against guilds making their own bases that they control all the time. I’m just not sure that I see the value in them.