How do you make it where you say /stafftag and it sets your tag for staff like (Owner) or (Admin)

if (playerchats && strequals(#c,/set staff tag))setplayerprop #g,#s(client.staffguild);

and client.staffguild could equal admin. It will only work if your already in that guild though.

Where do I put this script?

in a level in a npc -_- if you cant understand what to do with this script your trying to hard already.

Look at commands.rtf and start basic dude

Can anyone come to my server and help me?

Benzy, you have to learn to do this yourself x.x

Here. Put this into any level you are in…

if(playerenters && strequals(#a,benzy)){
setstring client.staffguild,admin;
toweapons -stafftag;
if(playerchats && strequals(#c,/stafftag)){
setplayerprop #g,#s(client.staffguild);

isnt setcharprop #g sererside and cannot be used in that script way…
now i would use a triggeraction to set the tag. benzy ill pm you a stafftag script i had for lyoko.

Not sure :0 Was just using Trics main idea. You could setplayerprop #c,setnick #n(#s(client.staffguild)); sleep 0.05; setplayerprop #c, ; :0

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Your right about the #g, didn’t work, so possibly try making the player say setnick?

nah just more efficient to use the triggerhack in this case -_-

Or, the final ultimate efficient way, just say setnick Benzy(Admin) x.x

just put a damn flag on the player and then setplayerprop #n,#n (guildflag);