Hamlet, Anyone?

I had found this years earlier, but just rediscovered it.

Some kid took then-Graal2001 and created a sort-of Zelda + Graal = Hamlet type game. I’ve played through it, and its actually kind of interesting.



Oddly enough, I remember seeing this.
However like last time, I’m not prone to downloading it O_o;
Creeps me out, and I’m not sure why. Lol

Lol. Its worth a look. Not too terribly bad of a game. Especially for being thrown together in 6 days, if the description is accurate.

I’ll probably check it out. Why not?

…You shouldn’t have done that… XD

Hayted had it on his shitty server. Another promising noob we “chased off”, what a shame…

Hayted: “Why does everyone hate me?”
Beholder: “Maybe because your name is Hated, spelt with a Y”
Hayted: “What does that have to do with anything?”

I had this once, I didn’t like it that much actually…

Lol. I didn’t love it. But I thought it was an interesting take on historical literature.

Who the hell would even go so far as to do Hamlet! I mean, like Romeo and Juliet might come to mind first wouldn’cha think?

Macbeth would have been better.

Oh, you guys. :3

How about Macbeth… in SPACE?!

Thank you, thank you. :smiley: