Happy Halloween From N-Pulse!

Yeah. Ramza is a dick

a nobody with more reputation than you, lol

I’m known for things on this engine that you wouldn’t even consider possible.

[quote=KingRamzaX]And by failed I don’t necessarily mean their project was terrible, but they weren’t able to grasp an actual player base and grow not only their server but also Graal Reborn in general.[/quote] See you in six months.

dude he has three cars, a girlfriend and a house he owns

woah shit the only thing I own is my virginity

this guy is good

How was he talking about me?

I’m the one that is starting a project, and the thread about my project is filled with nothing but haters trying to bash the only reason project GR has.

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Nah. A pathetic ego stroke is feeling good about yourself because you bashpost every thread a project makes. He posted a snotty remark and he got one back. And because I gave him one back I’m the asshole? If thats the case then I’m fine with that. Kids on the internet now days expect to be as PMSy as they want and once someone responds to them its the end of the world. Life doesn’t work like that.

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Am I a dick? Because I don’t let shitposts against me and my project go unanswered? I guess I’m a dick then lol.

You guys have been able to bash every attempted project off this game and it isn’t working with me. Guess thats upsetting you kids…

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Yeah if that is what you are setting the standard of life by then you really need help. LOL I couldn’t care less what kids on a forum think of me.

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So many things I could say but I wouldn’t want to make poor baby Dylan cry again =(

Oh and good job with your zero playercount averaging server LOL

well at least I have a gook gf who I can’t even fuck :slight_smile:

that first pm was cut short with rage

LMFAO this kid made a collage of getting owned. I love it.

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Dylan so many people tell me how much crying you do to get me banned… Man it must really make you uncomfortable when I’m around. Sorry for hurting your little feelings kiddo =)

yes I am very upset my feelings are so incredibly hurt I don’t know what to do with myself anymore

Pretty sure we have played for longer but why do you go keep bringing that bullshit up?
How the fuck is how long someone plays relevant about anything?

Putting this in a spoiler, if you respond to it and derail any farther you are the one who will be taking responsibility.
[spoilerbox=Your choice.]


Name dropping servers and even player names. Who cares what servers you managed? You obviously care about what we think if you’re trying to persuade us into believing you’re competent. Any old dingbat could grab the server hosting software and make his own stuff anonymously. Posting on the forums and bragging about your “accomplishments” to everyone only serves one purpose: cockwagging.

Aside from “playing off and on” and the fact that you were almost definitely a nobody since I never once heard of you in my 13 years of lurking, you are once again pulling out your dick and slapping it all over your post by boasting about your admin powers on Unholy Nation. I don’t know much about Unholy Nation, but I do know that it’s a cornucopia of administration and moderators trading hands over the years. So again, who cares? Obviously you do.

So you had to post about this against Dylan why? Instead of just ignoring him like anyone who “doesn’t care” would do, you decided to call him. Is this 16 year old really harming your ego enough that you have to respond to him every time? Who cares? You do.

Literally sucking Spooon’s dick right here. Spooon isn’t some god. You know there is a search function right? Hell I’m sure the gmap generator actually comes with the tutorial and documentation to run it. Also, someone who has been playing since 1998 and been an admin for Unholy Nation should damn well know how a gmap works by now. How does one even become a LAT without knowing how that works?

And this here, this is you caring wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much about what Dylan thinks, yet again. You know how you handle people talking to you when you don’t care? Don’t respond! Retard! Your actions pretty much display the opposite. You can’t ignore text on a forum? Does it keep you up at night when you think about how a 16 year old made you respond to his stupid “trolling?” Good grief. You’d think an admin of Unholy Nation, a server with the population of mostly annoying people to begin with, would at least know how to deal with trolling.

I’m not here to war with anyone. If I wanted to do that I would still be ban evading on Graal Online.[/quote]
Did you get banned for sucking too much dick?

And this is delusion. Delusion borne from literal jealousy (define Jealousy).

So please, explain to me how much you don’t care about what we think. By the way, you’re posting on a forum for people to read how much you don’t care. Responding to this pretty much would prove you care enough what we think to respond. Instead of responding on the forum, please prove to me how much you don’t care what we think by
a) continuing to develop your server for the “decently sized group that will be coming to Graal Reborn with [you]”
b) actually getting the fuck out
choose one.

Get back on topic.

alright back to the topic, cool new Halloween decoration outside of spawn

ok so there is N-Pulse subforum now. ramza is moderator in that one so he can go all 1984 on it if he wants. spoon is mod of all playerworld section.

Ramza is, not us. He has to remind us how much of an oldbie he is in every other post.

I agree.

I really wasn’t talking about him. I’m not even overly against people shitting on one another.
It may even be one of the things that keeps threads having any posts at all.
Just do it in a single thread. Make one saying how you dislike a person/group for so-so reasons.

When the pettyness makes more than a dozen threads all lose their original focus and turn into snide comments, it’s annoying to even lurk.